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Natural Gas Leak

If you suspect a natural gas leak, leave the area immediately, contact 9-1-1 and Atmos Energy emergency gas number 866-322-8667

Street Light Outage

In case of a street light outage, contact CoServ here to fill out a street light outage form. 

Water Billing Issue

If you have questions or concerns regarding your water bill, contact the utility billing department at 940-648-3290 option 3.

Watering Violation

 Year-round, WATER AWARENESS, is in effect for all Northlake water customers. 

Water customers are requested to voluntarily reduce water use, to practice water conservation and to minimize water use for nonessential purposes.

Limit landscaping watering at each service address to 3 times per week.

No watering between the hours of 10:00 am. to 6:00 p.m. for efficient use of irrigation water.

Prior to filling any pool in excess of 10,000 gallons capacity (aboveground or in-ground), the owner or the owner's representative shall apply for a scheduled filling date(s) and time with the director of public works.

If you see a watering violation, please fill out the Report a Watering Violation form or contact the Public Works Department during business hours at 940-242-5707.

Report a Problem

To report a problem, please fill out this form