How to Make Online Payments

Making your online payment is simple and easy. Additionally, to make the process more convenient for utility customers, the Town of Northlake does not change any fees for making payments online.

Follow the steps below to setup automatic payments for your utility bill with the Town of Northlake.

1. Click here to access the login page for your online utility billing account. This link will open in a new window.

2. Log into your account using your account number and PIN number. 

This can be found on your utility bill or by contacting the Utility Billing department. The first 3-digits will go in the box labeled Route Number, the next 7-digits in the box labeled Service Address ID, and the last 3-digits in the box labeled Resident No

You do not need to enter your email address, but you will need your PIN Number. This can be found on your bill or by contacting the Utility Billing Department. 

3. Make your payment by selecting the option for "Make a one time payment" and then entering the amount you wish to pay, selecting pay with credit card, and then filling in your payment information.


If you need further assistance, please contact Northlake Utility Billing at or (940) 648-3290.