Town Secretary

The Mission of the Town Secretary’s Office is to deliver exceptional services with the integrity expected by local and state legislation through enabling participation in municipal elections, ensuring access to records, and maintaining complete transparency in all governmental processes. 

The Town Secretary serves as the compliance officer for federal, state, and local statutes, including the Texas Open Meetings Act and Texas Public Information Act.

Overview of Responsibilities

  1. Agendas & Meetings
  2. Alcohol Beverage Permits
  3. Boards & Commissions
  4. Code of Ordinances
  5. Elections
  6. Filings
  7. Notarial Services
  8. Public Information
  9. Records Management

Process and ensure all public meeting agendas and notices are duly posted in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act. Minutes are created to accurately reflect the action taken during proceedings.  

Town Secretary Service History

The Town Secretary's Office continues to preserve the traditions, ethics, integrity, and standards developed by the pioneers of the position. The following list notes those who have served the Town of Northlake as Town Secretary.

Years ServedTown Secretary
1960-1972Margaret Ashmore
1972-1977Freda Markham
1977-1978Ann Hendersen
1978 -1982Freda Markham
1983Ann Hendersen
1983-1986Sallie Yarborough
1986 -1988Evelyn Faught
1988 -1989Cherie Stockard
1989Robert Hall
1990June Piroutek
1990Judy Tannehill
1990Sidney Holloway
1991Sheri E. Acuff
1992-1993Debby Anderson
1993-1996Jerry Garner
1996-1997Tobey Penny 
1997-2021Shirley Rogers
2021Mary J. Kayser 
Zolaina R. Parker

Public Notices - Paper of Record

The Town of Northlake's paper of record is the Denton Record-Chronicle. All public notices requiring publication will be published in the Denton Record-Chronicle.