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Set Meter Application



    Please fill out the form below in order to submit a request for a new set meter.  

    In order for the form to be considered complete, please note that the applying entity must download, sign, and upload a copy of the Water Service Agreement. The link to this document is provided in the form below.

    Additionally, the applying entity must provide a receipt from Development Services showing that all required permit, water, and sewer impact fees have been paid. Applications without these receipts will not be accepted. Receipts can be obtained from Development Services or via the online Community Core portal. Entities that are building in either Harvest, Canyon Falls or the Argyle MUD are exempt from this requirement.   

    Additionally, water meter deposit and water meter placement fees must be paid prior to the release of the meter. Payment can be done online or via check. Please see the attached table in the form below for a list of costs. Please make all checks payable to the Town of Northlake. Checks can be submitted in person or mailed to the Town of Northlake at:  

    Northlake Utility Billing Department
    1500 Commons Circle STE. 300
    Northlake, TX 76226 

    Once the check for the deposit has been received, a receipt will be issued within 3-5 business days of receiving the check.  

    Please contact the Northlake Utility Billing Department with any questions regarding this form, payment, or set meters. 

  3. Application Type*

    Type of Application:

  4. Service Type

    Please note that a water meter deposit fee and meter set fee will be required based on meter size.

  5. Builder Type*
  6. Meter Type*
  7. Meter Type*
  8. Water Service Information
  9. Please note that service cannot start on a weekend or a holiday. Additionally, it can take up to 14-days from either the requested start date or the completion of the application process (whichever is greater) to set the meter. 

  10. If an apartment or commercial complex that shares the same address, please enter a building number for the meter.

  11. Billing Contact Information
  12. Account Privacy*

    With your authorization, the Town of Northlake can withhold the release of your personal information (i.e. phone number, social security number, and address) pursuant to Section 182.052 of the Texas Utilities Code. Do you want your personal information associated with your water service account kept confidential?

  13. Billing Options*

    Utility bills can be sent via e-mail or postal service. Bills sent via e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the Billing Contact Information section of this application. Please choose how your bill is received:

  14. Required Forms & Documents*

    Download the documents in this section and indicate that you have downloaded and reviewed the required forms and documents. The Water Service Agreement must be signed and re-uploaded in the Account Authorization and Approval Section.

  15. Account Authorization and Approval*

    I am an authorized representative of my organization and by signing below, I understand that I am responsible for this account and that all bills must be paid on or before the due date or be subject to late charges and/or possible termination of service. I agree that the printing of my name, in conjunction with signing and submitting the Water Service Agreement, constitutes a binding signature and authorization for this account.

  16. Upload the signed agreement here.

  17. Are you building in the Harvest, Canyon Falls, or Argyle MUD?*

  18. You MUST upload receipts from Development Services demonstrating that all required water and sewer impact fees have been paid or waived if you are building OUTSIDE of Harvest, Canyon Falls, or the Argyle MUD. 

    Please view the image below for an example permit receipt. Receipts MUST be submitted in this form. 

    The required receipt can be found via the Community Core Portal that is utilized by Development Services. For help accessing this portal, call 940-648-3290. 

    Applications that fail to provide required receipts will not be accepted or will be delayed.

    Receipts must be provided for builders in:

    • Creek Meadow 
    • Highlands
    • North Ridge Estates
    • Pecan Square
    • Prairie View
    • Stardust Ranch
    • The Ridge

    If you do not have a copy of the receipt(s), then please contact Development Services at 940-648-3290.

    Permit Reciept Example

  19. Notice of Required Fees & Receipts*

    I understand that a refundable deposit, a set meter fee, and receipts from Development Services (if not building in an exempt location) is required prior to the meter being set by Public Works Department. Payment can be made through a check to the Town of Northlake that can be submitted either in person or by mail. (Please address any mail to the Utility Billing Department and state the purpose of the check).

    I understand that should equipment be damaged, that this deposit will be forfeit and the deposit will be used to help cover the cost of replacing the equipment. 

    I also understand that a receipt will be provided within 3-5 business days via e-mail from the date that the Town of Northlake receives payment, and that it can take up to 14 business days from the time that the Town receives and processes payment to set the meter.  

  20. Notice Regarding Buried Meter Sites*

    To help ensure that it does not take longer than 14 days to set a new meter, please ensure that the site for the new meter is not buried. Buried sites prevent Public Works from being able to set the meter and will lead to a delay in the installation of a new meter that may cause the meter to be set outside of the 14-day window.

    Please indicate below that you understand that meter sites must remain unburied in order for Public Works to set the new meter, otherwise it is likely that the setting of the new meter will be delayed beyond the normal 14-day window. 

  21. Please click Submit or Submit and Print after completing the form. Please make sure that all required sections of the form have been completed.

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