Industrial Sector Plan

The Industrial Sector Plan was adopted by Town Council on July 26, 2012, with the approval of Ordinance 12-0726A. View a copy of the plan (PDF) and find out more about it.

About the Industrial Sector Plan

The Industrial Sector Plan is a master plan that serves as a guide for development within the industrial areas identified in the Northlake Vision and Comprehensive Plan.

Background of the Industrial Sector Plan

The Northlake Vision and Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2009, identified two distinct yet complimentary industrial areas on the west side of IH-35W. These two areas, separated by Denton Creek, include a combination of existing development and large undeveloped tracts. The southern industrial sector, located at the northeast corner of IH-35W and SH 114, offers opportunities for large distribution centers that rely more heavily on access to major highways. Existing development in the southern sector includes two distribution centers and the Rinker Materials plant. The northern industrial sector, located at the southeast corner of IH-35W and FM 1171, provides the opportunity to build off the existing business base surrounding Northwest Regional Airport with a focus on industrial lots for small to medium size businesses.

Future Development

The Comprehensive Plan also established strategic actions to guide Northlake’s future development. Several of these strategic actions targeted the town’s industrial areas with recommendations to ensure that the industrial areas were well planned and ready for quality development opportunities. The Industrial Sector Plan is intended to further refine the vision for the industrial areas identified in the Comprehensive Plan, and it will also assist the Town, property owners, and developers to understand the potential of these industrial areas.

Process for Developing the Industrial Sector Plan

The Northlake Economic Development Corporation (EDC) chose to fund this planning project due to the important economic development benefit of the industrial areas. The planning project was kicked off in January 2011 with the development and advertising of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) which culminated in the selection of Kimley Horn and Associates to perform the study to develop the plan.

Development of the Plan

An advisory committee of stakeholders including EDC board members, industrial area property owners, and industrial developers and builders assisted staff and consultants with the development of the plan. Prior to approval by the Town Council, the public had the opportunity to review and comment on the plan.