Campaign Finance Filings & Texas Ethics Commission

The Campaign Finance Law, Title 15 of the Election Code, regulates the acceptance, expenditure, and reports regarding money in political campaigns by candidates, officeholders, and political committees. 
Candidates, officeholders, and political committees are required to file reports of contributions and expenditures as outlined in the Texas Ethics Commission filing schedule.

The Town Secretary's Office is the local filing authority where documents are filed, however, the Town Secretary's Office is not responsible for reviewing, advising, or ensuring that candidates, officeholders, or political committees file the required documents.  All inquiries should be directed to the Texas Ethics Commission, (512) 463-5800.

Filings can be found within the specific election year archive

The Texas Ethics Commission provides guidance on how to:

  • File a Report
  • Know when a Report is Due
  • Campaign in Texas
  • Lobby in Texas
  • Start or Dissolve a Political Committee
  • Find a Common Form
  • Search/View a Filed Report
  • Contact TEC Helpline
  • File a Sworn Complaint
  • Request and Advisory Opinion
  • View Online Training

NOTE: Pursuant to the Texas Govt. Code, Section 552.117(a)(1)(17), documents filed by current or former public officials will have redactions of personal information.