Public Information Request

The Texas Public Information Act (PIA) provides a mechanism for the public to inspect or copy governmental records. A requestor may ask to review records, obtain copies, or both.  A governmental entity is not required to create records, conduct legal research, or answer questions. The Public Information Act is triggered when a person submits a written request.  The governmental entity must respond within 10 (ten) business days, with one or more of the following:

  • provide responsive information pertinent to the request; 
  • advise the request is being processed and will take longer than the 10 business days to produce;
  • advise there is no responsive information;
  • advise the request needs clarification;
  • provide a cost estimate if the request will exceed $40; or
  • advise the responsive information will not be released and an Attorney General Ruling has been requested.
  1. general Requests
  2. Police Requests

Public information requests for Town records (excluding police-related requests) are to be filed with the Town Secretary's Office. Requestors may submit their request via one of the following methods:

Recommended: Public Information Request Form (Civic Plus Portal) -  Through this portal, you can access your               requests securely, view your request history, and receive status updates.

In-Person:    Town Secretary's Office, Northlake Town Hall, 1500 Commons Circle, Suite 300, Northlake, Texas  76226

Mail:              Town Secretary's Office, Northlake Town Hall, 1500 Commons Circle, Suite 300, Northlake Texas  76226

Fax:               (940) 487-0142


For assistance regarding the Records Request Portal or Public Information Requests, please contact the Town Secretary's Office via email at or via phone at (940) 242-5702.