Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I sign up for utility (water, sewer, & trash) services?
You can sign up for services by filling out an application for new services. This form is found on the front page of the residential portal by clicking on the icon that sy
  1. How do I disconnect service?
  1. How do I add another person to my service account?
  1. What is the water deposit and why do I have to pay it?
  1. When do I get my water deposit back?
  1. How can I make a one-time payment online?
  1. I have a high bill, what should I do?
  1. Does the Town of Northlake do a credit check?
  1. What are the rates for water and sewer?
  1. How can I request extra trash or recycling bins?
  1. Who do I call if my trash or recycling was not picked up?
  1. What do I need to do if I am filling my pool?
  1. How do I set up auto pay?
  1. What do I do if I forgot my password for my online account?
  1. What is an Excessive Use Fee (EUF)?
  1. Can I make payment over the phone?