How do I file a complaint?

A person wishing to file a general complaint or a racial profiling complaint should contact the Northlake Police Department, Chief of Police or his designee at 940-648-4804 during normal business hours. All complaints will be handled promptly. You will be interviewed regarding your complaint. The Texas Government Code Section 614.021 provides that a complaint regarding a peace officer’s conduct must be in writing and signed by the complainant, in order to be considered by the Chief of Police. A copy of the complaint will also be provided to the officer or employee, if the investigation will not be compromised and before disciplinary action is taken.

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1. How do I file a complaint?
2. What happens when a complaint is substantiated?
3. What happens if the complaint is not substantiated?
4. What happens if the investigation reveals the claim of improper conduct is false?
5. What happens if you are not satisfied with disposition of your complaint?