Mayor's MessageMayor Peter Dewing

I have traveled the United States and the world, encountering different aspects of how diversity is integrated into the towns and cities my family has lived in. Four pillars form the foundation of my views and perceptions while serving the citizens - Honesty, Respect, Stewardship and Advocacy.

As the Metroplex continues to diversify and expand, we will first and foremost look at the desires of the citizens. This basic philosophy is coupled with the understanding of ensuring the Town of Northlake will be subjected to the challenge of growth. Northlake is a rural atmosphere challenged to diversify and bring modern conveniences to her citizens. The citizens live here for a rural setting, yet desire modern conveniences.

As the Town of Northlake continues to evolve, several key concepts must endure to obtain balance as growth materializes - synergy, regional environmental impact, diversity, proportionality, and citizen's desires. I look forward to representing the residents of the town as we move forward towards the next phase.

The town is open to suggestions, recommendations, and proposals that assure the characteristics, values, and long-term intent of the town remains forefront.

We are working to ensure a balance between corporate development goals and citizen's desires. Both are reachable and obtainable; therefore, bringing to fruition a synergistic relationship.


Mayor Peter Dewing